Hey Friends,

Tamira here and I wanted to share the awesome Sunday morning and afternoon that I had this past weekend. My dear friend Olynda Smith had me out to an amazing Devi Day experience celebrating the Goddess Saraswati. The day retreat was full of yoga, Goddess lore, community, nourishing food, Divine Feminine journaling and sacred Kirtan music by Danielle Koppel.

To call it a retreat simply wouldn’t do the day justice. The Durham Collective Wellness Spa hosted the retreat and it is an amazing oasis tucked away in Durham. Walking in I felt like I was a dream, the ambiance and energy of the space was so relaxing and nourishing. The retreat was definitely the pause that I needed to transition into Fall. I left with a sense of fullness and totally blissed out. In the words of Olynda, I was definitely “Devi-ed” and I’m hooked.

Our beautiful guests were amazing. Author¬†Dawn Reno Langley’s, “The Divine Feminine: A Writer’s Hand Journal was an absoutely beautiful gift that we all received. I enjoyed her presence and basking in her wisdom. Her approach to journaling was both refreshing and a wonderful challenge to “pause” before writing. Check out her journal on Amazon, it makes for a sincere and thoughtful gift for the holidays.

In true Sarasawti style we ended the day with out of this world Kirtan by the talented Danielle Kopple. Her voice literally gives me chills just thinking about it and has ignited a fire to expand my musical selection to incorporate some Kirtan. You can catch Danielle around the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area performing Kirtan at the local studios.

If you are in the area, check out the next half-day retreat in October and catch me as a guest at the next full Devi Day retreat on December 16th! We will be connecting with some serious Lakshmi energies and talking about essential oils as tools for spiritual, mental and physical healing and supporting our connection to the Divine. Check out Olynda’s site for more details and registration.

Hope to see you at our Full Moon Ceremony and Shakori Hills this weekend. Tracey and I will be teaching yoga in the movement tent at Shakori!!

Autumn Blessings!