Hey There,

I just wanted to share my favorite practice which also happens to be a powerful parenting tool as well a great self-care practice. Thanks to the magic of “Geemah” aka Tracey, my girls and I are rocking out with Strong Sitting. For those that are not familiar with the practice checkout Tracey’s podcast on what the heck it is, how it works and the neuroscience behind the practice (links below). This practice been a powerful tool for taking the time to pause and reflect. Not only do my girls do strong sitting, but yes I do too.The other day I’m came in from work totally zapped and my little ones literally recommended so strong sitting and smudging…(my mind is still blown). Anywho, we all scurried upstairs to smudge and sit in our altar room to do our strong sitting practice together–it was just the thing that I needed to collect myself and my energy. The fact that they recognized that I needed to center myself is proof that this practice is working for our family. I wish you could have heard their cues..”back straight mommy.. bubbles in.. criss-cross applesauce..spoons in the bowl..breathe..”

I just wanted to share that little tool with you all today and enourgage everyone to incorporate a practice of taking time to reflect into your daily lives.


What is Strong Sitting [Tip 008]: http://www.fullcirclefamilycounseling.com/rad-podcasts/

How Does Strong Sitting Work [Episode 008]: http://www.fullcirclefamilycounseling.com/rad-podcasts/

What’s the Science behind Strong Sitting [Episode 009]: http://www.fullcirclefamilycounseling.com/rad-podcasts/

Demo Video of Strong Sitting: http://www.fullcirclefamilycounseling.com/videos/

Blessings Tamira