Hey there friends—A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to experience a powerful weekend of grief and praise. I’m still continuing to integrate all that transpired bit by bit. The weekend began with a powerful drum creation ceremony led by our teacher Robin White Star of Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge.

Every moment leading up to the ceremony was precious from the soaking of the hides, to the blessing of the waters. I am so grateful for the small and intimate group of women that showed up and was so honored to help hold space for their call the create their drum at our sweet sanctuary space.

Reflecting on the day, I continue to have a much clearer picture how this labor of love was so in alignment with real labor. Leading up to the creation ceremony—I realized that I had come with expectations and fantasies of how the days and hours would preceed the ceremony. And much like true birth, none of those expectations came into fruition but they didn’t take away from the power and beauty of the ceremony. In fact, the manner in which things worked out, required my full Presence in the Now instead of operating from a projected or idealized schedule. I am so grateful for things turning out exactly as they did because I was not afforded the comforts of being wrapped up in my ideals and fantasies. I came raw and very present, which allowed me to fully experience the sweet and powerful energies of Creation in the Ceremony. Words truly cannot describe what this drum symbolizes to me regarding the beautifully orchestrated chaos, surrender and order of creation. I will suffice it to say that she (my drum) is a gentle reminder that the gift of our life experiences lies in the Present moment and require us to show up as strong and as steady as the beat of the drum.

The second half of the weekend was dedicated to honoring the those that have dropped their robes and moved onto the next phase in life. I was blessed to take part on the Death Faire this year and it was such a powerful experience of witnessing and holding space for the honoring of Grief and the praise of Life. Abundance NC, wonderful sponsors and volunteers created a memorable day of community Grief and Praise work with workshops, lectures, films, music, good food and great people.

It was a great honor to share the beautiful stories of life and death (the rainbow bridge and the dragon fly stories) with the children under the kid’s tent. In a joint effort with children and adults, we created our own community rainbow bridge that connects us to our beloved ones on the other side of the rainbow bridge. What a powerful and beautiful weekend!

Autumn Blessings,