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We are back for another video and this week we are talking about the importance of cultivating Objectivity! This month we are sharing “Cardamom”. This sweet little gem is a powerful tool for moving through anger, intense emotions and helps us take responsibility for our feelings.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, this spice is great for assisting with digestion, is good for all doshas (constitutions), supports the lympathic system and is a great tool for detoxing!! It’s also a key ingredient on our personal fav “Chai Tea”!! I also love using this gem in my kitchari!

If you or anyone you know needs help with moving through intense emotions/anger or could just use some objectivity in their lives, this is your/their medicine! This oil can be applied topically and works great with tapping (EFT), can be consumed and diffused to promote calm and peace.

Check out the ethical co-impact sourcing of Cardmom by Doterra here.

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Photo Credit-Tamira Cousett Tracey Turner-Keyser Tamira Cousett

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