THE LINEAGE OF THE STAR shared by – Margarita DiVita
The Star Dance is a Sacred Visionary Dance for Men and Women. It is an opportunity to come into balance within ourselves, our beloved earthand all of creation. Although this is long, I am posting its lineage for those of you who are not familiar with the Dance

The Star Dance is a Sacred Dance for All People given by Spirit through the personal vision of John Pehrson. It carries the lineage of Grandfather Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow and the Sun Moon Dance.
Grandfather Joseph was born into the Tiwa/Picuris Pueblo tradition. He was given a vision (or directive from Spirit) to bring Ceremonial Dances to All People. In his willingness to act on this, the Sun Moon, Drum and Long Dances came into being. These are not the Ceremonies of his People but Native American based Dances that take place all over the world.
In 1997, Grandfather Joseph handed the stewardship of the Dances over to some of his students who had participated in these Ceremonies over the years. The Sun Moon Dance that takes place at the Center for Peace in Seymour, Tennessee was entrusted to Steve Citty and John Pehrson. After serving as Chiefs together for four years, John brought the Sun Moon Dance to the Watersong Community in Saxapahaw, North Carolina.
When he had served the Dance as the sole Chief for four years, John was inspired to embrace the stewardship as his own, allowing the Dance to evolve. Inspired by the fact that the Sun is a Star, he was given a vision which shifted the Energies to renew our connection to the Star People and our cosmic heritage. John went to Grandfather Joseph, who gave his blessing, and the Star Dance was born.
At its foundation is the traditional form of the Sun Moon Dance. It begins with everyone participating in a purification (sweat) lodge, which helps to prepare and set intentions for the Dance. Dancers are placed in an Arbor which incorporates the Medicine Wheel and the Cardinal Directions, dancing an individual path to and from a central tree or pole, resting and sleeping in that space for the duration of the Dance. The blowing of whistles by the Dancers helps the process of clearing the hollow bone opening the doorway to connect with that Place of Spirit and Vision. The Dancers are carried by the Heartbeat of the People’s Drum and the sounds of the Sacred Songs that come through the voice of the Drummers. Fire is present in the East Gate, ignited by the coals of the Mother Fire lit at the time of the sweat lodge. Both Fires are kept by the team of Fire Keepers during the Dance.
A loving team of Dog Soldiers, Moon Mothers, Sun Fathers, Elders/Wisdom Keepers, Kitchen Angels, Drummers, Fire Keepers and Chief work together to create a safe container, inside the Arbor and on the grounds, so that the Dancers, in a safe and nurtured manner, can experience the fullest potential of their Dance.
The Dance ends with a Water Ceremony, Feast and Giveaway.
Keeping the foundation, with John Pehrson’s courage and willingness to embrace and act upon his Vision, and with Grandfather’s Blessing, the Energies of the Dance have shifted and evolved, and continue to do so today.
Having danced the Sun Moon and Star Dances with John for several years, I can share from personal experience that this is true. In keeping with tradition, the Star Dance began as a four-day Dance. The first and second year, the work was complete and the experience of the Energies was such that John found himself ending the Dance early. It quickly became a three-day Dance.
There are two parts to the Star Dance: one is personal and the other is collective. When it gets to a place where the Chief feels the Dancers have completed their personal work, it shifts to the collective aspect. This is when we get to gather and work with all of the beautiful Energies that have been anchored as a result of the Dancers’ efforts and send them out into Creation.
With a personal knowing connection with the Stars, I embraced and resonated with this Dance, dancing and serving as Coordinator/Dancer and Co-Chief with John for several years. John served the Star Dance as Chief for eight years. In 2013, after chiefing his sixteenth Dance (8 Sun Moon, 8 Star), John entrusted the stewardship of the Star Dance to me, Margarita DiVita.
In turn, as Grandfather Joseph did for him, John has given his blessing, love, encouragement and support to me that I may embrace the stewardship and allow the Star Dance to evolve.
In honoring and holding the foundation, but not getting stuck in the form, the Star Dance continues to blossom into a high vibrational DANCE OF LOVE, offering the opportunities for us to continue to raise our vibrations and that of the Earth, inviting us to connect with our Ancestors and reclaim our Cosmic Heritage, which is the BEINGNESS OF LOVE.

With Love & Gratitude – Margarita DiVita

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