About UniverSoul Balance

As Above, So Below. There is UniverSoul Balance.


About Tracey…

UniverSoul Balance is the product of my many years of multi-disciplinary experience.  In UniverSoul Balance I have combined and intertwined my therapeutic skills from my private therapy practice, Full Circle Family Counseling, with my spiritual practices.  I want to offer ‘turn-key’ style opportunities so that more individuals can benefit from the healing balance that I have assisted and witnessed take place in so many others.

For over 30 years, with compassion and humor, I have had the honor of being a student to the ancestral pagan traditions of my lineage, Native American teachings from my teachers Will Rockingbear, Joseph “Beautiful Painted Arrow” Rael, Robin WhiteStar, and my spiritual circle sisters. Through UniverSoul Balance I bring the mysteries of Spirituality taught to me by my honored teachers and all of the Spiritual Dances that I have been blessed to experience.  Robin WhiteStar has led me into the world of Soul Healing, Soul Retrieval and Soul Resonance.  My circle sisters, guided by Miriam Lieberman, over many years have helped in preparing me for this magical vision known as UniverSoul Balance.

Within the magic of UniverSoul Balance you will find the powerful awakening that is ignited when we show up for the most important ceremony we have signed up for – LIFE – and we meet it head on with grace, surrender and humor.

As I walk the path of movement therapist/counselor/supervisor specializing in developmental complex trauma, using the tools of ancestral healing (Daniel Foor), dance movement therapy, embodied yoga, EMDR, Body Mind Centering (Bonnie Cohen) I have found my way to combine the traditional with the not-so traditional, making this the foundation of UniverSoul Balance.

I am the grandmother, the wise woman and fool, the alpha wolf and head steward of the 16-acre land that UniverSoul Balance Sanctuary resides on.  I open my heart and with firm guidance I am here, waiting to be your witness and hold space for you.

Much Gratitude,


About Tamira…

Following my intuition, the whispers of my Ancestors and the wise women before me, I helped my mother-in-law create and birth UniverSoul Balance, just as she helped me birth my own children.

I have walked the path of healing my entire life and through UniverSoul Balance I have found the courage to explore and live that healing out loud.

With guidance and blessings of my West African, Irish and British lineages and Native teachings I have stepped into embracing and celebrating the ritual and ceremony of Life.

As a devoted student to the wisdom and light that the plant beings, yoga, soul healing and ancestral lineage repair work gift me–it is my life’s purpose to embody their messages with integrity and to share them with the world so that they may be tools for personal/collective transformation and healing.

I am passionate about healing the ancestral wounds surrounding worthiness and vulnerability especially as it relates to women of color. I am a dedicated apprentice to the healing path constantly evolving in my studies of witnessing and holding space for myself and others. With deep gratitude I am committed to showing up to the ceremony of Life with my greatest teacher’s humility, vulnerability and worthiness lighting the way.

I send gratitude and love to my living teachers Tracey, Sommer and Paul Sobin, Robin White Star, Daniel Foor and Judith Brooks and all of the non-embodied Beings for all of their blessings, teachings and continued support on my Soul Journey here.

For those ready to show up, I am here embodying prayers and intentions of vulnerability and worthiness and holding space for those who seek healing and personal transformation.